Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last Valentine

Vortex, W2, Wobbles and Warts, Knightsbridge
Card sized (4 x 6) again. A little Rose watercolor. Voila. The last of the 12 grandchildren's Valentines.  Now off to bake the cookies.  

I got the idea for intertwining the hearts from Open Seeds. click here.   She does a great job of explaing it.  For my hubby I will also bake his favorite pie (pecan).   

Tomorrow Lian Zhen (the famous watercolorist) is coming to do a demo at our park here in Florida.  We are SO excited.  I took a class from him about a year ago and when we discovered he was in central Florida I contacted him about coming.  He was so nice to say yes!!!  We do not have a huge amount to pay demo artists!  Especially of his caliber.  So very very special to have him.  

I hope to post a few photos from his demo tomorrow or in a few days!  

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