Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cool Summer Days in the North Woods

5.5 x 8 sketch on wc paper
Continuous Ink Sketch

We are having VERY coolish days in the north woods of Wisconsin and setting cold records right and left for mid to late July!  We are down in the 40s at night!  Good Grief!  Highs in the high 60s and very windy with clouds.  Rain predicted tomorrow.

This is so disappointing as this is the time of year we send for the grandkids so we can go boating and swimming and fishing and tubing!!!  We want campfires and marshmallows and jig saw puzzles on the screen porch (whine whine).

My daughter brought her kayaks up and so far no one has been very inspired to go out in the wind!
We could use a break here!!!  :-)

I am running around in jeans and sweatshirts which should be September clothing!!!  Sigh and double sigh.  I am doing a sketch now and then down at the lakefront.  The big pile of beach toys stands waiting by the kayak.  The kids are doing a lot of fishing off the pier and the shore with some success!  That's fun.  Hoping for better days ahead!  

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