Friday, July 12, 2013

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Knightsbridge Mono-tangle  3.5 square

Of course, this is technically a ZIA because there is something somewhat recognizable in it AND due to the color added.  But I couldn't help myself.

Roy's challenge this week is a Knightsbridge Mono-tangle.  Zach's challenge this week is to create a "postage stamp" with an elephant on it.  

So, since time is a limiting factor...I combined the two challenges.  Here is a postage stamp with an elephant with Knightsbridge mono-tangle!  Voila.

Being a bird lover, I kind of hated to use the "killing two birds..." but it does say just what I needed to in a few words.  Audubon, please forgive me.  


  1. Oh so cool! what a great idea and it worked beautifully! cute elephant btw :)

  2. I like your stamp!The green coloring adds a nice touch. Great job!

  3. cute I like the stamp elephant Knightsbridge all in one good deal



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