Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diva Challenge: Tangle with a Stencil

Crescent Moon, Vortex, Henna Drum, Shard

The Diva's idea here is to find one of your stencils OR to use something in your studio or home "as" a stencil, then to tangle it.

Actually, I think it might have been more creative to do the latter.  Now that I think about it.  But it's a terribly busy week and I am not quite as creative as normal! 

Anyway this is a stencil I had in my multi-media bin. I traced it once right up and once upside down sort of making a "floral" arrangement.  Whatever in the world possessed me to chose Vortex for the petals?! I obviously was demented.  They took forever!  

I am not too thrilled with the "stencil" thing in general BUT I do think that if I looked around the house to find some really "cool" shapes I know that I would enjoy it more as I have worked in shapes before.  

Am getting ready now for my "demo" which is a week from tomorrow.  And my hubby has completely demolished my studio this afternoon putting in new shelves which will be "swell" when finished but totally upsetting everything for the moment!  The price of progress! 


  1. I love it. I've been there- when I've started an ambitious project and just a little ways in wondered "What was I thinking." But the results are usually worth the time.

  2. I love this flower that you created.

  3. I love the piece even though you said you are as creative as you wanted to be. I love complicate pieces but I do tend to lean towards "less is more". I love line work and think your piece is beautiful. I am working on adding some things to the walls of my studio too. I totally understand how it upsets the balance of things. I bite my tongue and know there will be light at the end of the messiness. lol!