Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Diva's Challenge: Opus and Cirquital

Opus and Cirquital

The Diva's challenge is to put these two tangles together this week enough even though I am not a fan of Cirquital.  Still I feel that that is the reason for doing a "challenge". You should try a tangle that you didn't like the first time around or that you haven't tried in a long time.  See if it maybe changes your viewpoint.

Well, I am still not a big fan of it.  Which is funny cause I adore "Jetties" which is somewhat like it.  I do like it better with an "aura" around it.  

The string for this is a two pencil string again, ala Margaret Bremner.  You hold two pencils in one hand at different angles and draw the string at the same time.  It never fails to look interesting to me. 


  1. Wonderful artwork! I like the way how tangles go together, I like open areas and desing very much.

  2. Brilliantly cut up cirquitals! :) It was worth doing the challenge just to slice up the patterns you hate. Love your work!

  3. Laura took a lot of us out of our comfort zone this week. You did quite well.

  4. This is beautiful! Clever idea with the two pencil string. Very original work!

  5. How wonderful "Opus" twist around all the details!



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