Thursday, April 14, 2016

12 x 12 for Scholarship Sale in Wisconsin

I am working on a 12 x 12 canvas this afternoon that is a fund raiser for scholarships in my art group up north.
This is totally a ton of work, by the way.
I had to special prep the canvas to work with watercolor plus several sandings.
(gallery wrapped)

Then I had to adapt a landscape photo to a square format (glad for the app on my iPad for that).
Then I had to draw the rather complicated picture (gridded).  
Then TRACE it on the canvas.  This is all fiddly stuff and takes SO long.

I had the drawing done another day.  So today I did the tracing and started the painting.
The photo ref was taken in downtown Leesburg, FL a few winters's ago.  Don't remember if the flower cart is still there or not.
The store (Sweets and Treats) is not there anymore either I don't think.

Quite a ways yet to go but I did make a dent in it.  We all sell our paintings for $50 and it earned quite a bit last summer!  

It is a gorgeous day here in central FL…85 and sunny.
Dinner in the crock pot so I'd have lots of time to play in the studio.
Now time for a glass of nice cold wine out on the patio.

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