Friday, April 15, 2016

Zentangle® groups

3.5" tile/ink and graphite
Cruze, Wheelz, Jetties

3.5" tiles w/watercolor wash
Agora, Swirl, Phroz, Enyshow in "slit"

These two tiles are in response to a couple of new tangles I wanted to try out AND the Square One group on FB is using "Cruze" this week.  Remember, no color allowed in that group.  

The second explored Agora for the first and a small section of Phroz ("froze") which I had not really tried before.  Supposed to look like frozen crystals.   Also apparently there is a group on FB that using Zentangle with "slits" such as the one on the right bottom of my tile where something is slipping out of a faux slit in the paper.  

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