Monday, April 18, 2016

Before and After Using Shnek

Sort of "before" with minimal graphite shading

"After" with some colored pencil added

So…(don't you find it annoying how many people now begin half their sentences with "so"?)

So, what I have gone and done again is join another Facebook group.  For me Facebook is all about "groups".  I mean I have an account and 40 or 50 friends (I staunchly refuse to add more than that) and enjoy seeing photos of my family!!!  

BUT, the most fun are the groups.  I don't want anything posted on my main FB page and you can set that up.  I just go to the groups when I feel like going to them. They do not intrude themselves on me.

I love my group of Gelli Print enthusiasts Group. We have over 4500 people on that group now!!! 
One is for the Zentangle CZTs.  One (called Square One) is for purist tanglers who only tangle on 3.5 tiles with pen and plain gray graphite.  And one is for my Journal Prompt group…prompting once a week.  Again, optional but totally fun.  

And my newest group is for Tanglers who want to learn to do amazing shading in color or black and white.   Trying to remember to take a scan or photo of the tangle BEFORE I do anything is the hardest part!  

So (here I go again with so)…so this tangle is called Shnek and two of my groups are using it this week.  That's handy.  

The shading group is a spin off the Square One group.  So usually whatever the Square one group leader chooses for the week's theme, so does the Shading group.  A two-fer.  So I can draw and shade in graphite for the first one and then decide how to do "over the top" shading for the second one using color without actually having to do another tile.  I think quite a few people do this as I see many of the same names.  A lot of us in the Shading Group have purchased some of Eni Oken's shading books and now we want to "play" together while practicing.  She mainly uses markers and colored pencils in her work but there are no rules.

In addition I do follow "the Diva's" blog where she posts a weekly challenge in Zentangle.  Sometimes I try to work that in too!  There is never a dull moment.  


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