Sunday, April 24, 2016

Journal Prompt this week is "Trees"

Journal prompt for this week did not grab me although I surely do love trees.  I think the prompt was so open and so "unlimited" that I had trouble getting inspired.  (As we say in Zentangle, "there is freedom in limits").  

I wrote a little "bit" about the Jacaranda Trees in bloom down here in Florida and my love of the white birch up north.  Afterwards I thought I should have just listed all my favorite trees which would have been a rather lengthy list, but fun.  

I am sure the prompt was inspired by Earth Day last Friday…so the response could have gone that way.  There are poems about trees that knock your socks off.  I could have gone that way.  I ended up tangling some tree images on faux tiles at the bottom right which was VERY time consuming.  

I think the whole page is "okay" but it reflects a kind of "off" mood I am in right now.  Having a bout with sinus pain this week and it makes me tired and out of sorts.  When this happens I lose my centering and flit from one thing to another.  

I did finish up the book for book club.  We are reading Jody Picoult's fascinating book called Leaving Time.  Fun shifts and surprises in it.  Reminds me of that wonderful movie "The Sixth Sense" with Bruce Willis.  Remember that one?    

We are having absolutely gorgeous weather in central FL.  High 80s and sunny.  Despite the fact that it is Biker Weekend in Leesburg this weekend (noisy) we are totally enjoying it.  Getting ready to host my sister and her hubby for a few days next week.  
Always great to see them.  

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