Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Touch up on the watercolor painting...

12 x 12 wc and ink on canvas
photo taken in artificial light

same painting with corrections taken in day light.

So my helpful blogger critiques pointed out some problems with the first painting and agreed with my own critique.  

1. I straightened out the handle on the cart.
2. I changed the flowers so that flowers were of different sizes and added more white flowers.
3. I darkened the couple in the background at the table to try to make them barely visible.  

(the orange color of the cart is more what the color actually looks like in the 2nd photo.)

There was actually some printing in the stripe that goes horizontally across the window but I decided not to put that in.

I am considering darkening the shadows under the cart, what do you think Barb and Cynthia?  

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