Friday, April 22, 2016

Another before and after Zentangle shading

One of my Facebook groups (focusing on shading) asks that I post the before and after version of my tile.  Friends have told me that the first one looks like the "coloring book" version…not my favorite analogy actually but I sure know what they mean.  Zentangle® without any shading is very much like a color book line work.  

The string on this tile was sort of experimental in that I was "playing" with a fine line marker filled with paint.  I laid out several tiles and just swept over them a few times and let them dry.
Voila.  Strings.  The paint was orange/red shade.  Which makes it easier to see in the first image.

The colors were all Derwent colored pencils and the colored dots were Moonglow Sakura pens and the white dots was a Uniball Signo pen.  Tangle names were: Ta-da, Voga, Verve and Fedr.

Today was a nice day…the art club celebrated it's teaching staff and we each got a rose and a thank you card and a balloon!

SO I am feeling special today!  

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