Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Edges Class with Liz Steel

Our first assignment was to work on planes (objects in various positions in relation to each other) and using colors to do the same.
Liz gives lots of hand outs and give us videos to watch.  Fun.

Then Preliminary to Lesson II...

Liz suggests we do some practice with the writing/drawing tools that we own…one set of marks with ink and one with pencil including watercolor pencils.  And then a little experimenting with different journal papers.  

Here are a few of my favorite pencils which include some soft and some hard pencils and also different thicknesses of lead from 03 to 07.  Some of the pencils are water soluble.   

These are just a few of my pens…the ones I would be most likely to use for sketching.  One is a fountain pen, one a gel pen, several are Zentangle pens (microns) and some are water soluble like Tombow pens and a brush pen.  

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  1. Looking at all of your supplies here - and realizing I've got that many too! We just can't get enough art supplies, I guess! Always enjoy all of the things you are doing!