Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Floor Cloth Painting

Acrylic on canvas: 18" high and 2.5' long

Floor cloth: actually an old form of making art that was pretty practical as well.  My idea on this "canvas rug" was to make lot of interesting stones and rocks.  In this photo I hasten to say they look a lot more like meatballs to me!  😃  Although that could be good for a kitchen rug too!  

But in person they look more rock-like and I may actually have some grass and leaves strewn about…not sure.  I also plan to use more grays in the rocks for a second coat.  

My kitchen theme is more about granite, rocks, and stone.  This is to be my entry rug or at the kitchen sink…which ever looks best.  
 Most people do very cutesy floor cloths or use geometric designs.  They have animals, barns, etc etc. 
I have never been one to "follow the crowd!" 
When complete you have to varnish it three coats.  
Acrylic paint is pretty tough.  

So I'll keep you up to speed on this project and let's see where it goes.  

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