Saturday, January 12, 2013

30 Day Challenge Day 10

This is a small graphite sketch in my Moleskin sketchbook (5 x 8"). It just goes to demonstrate that you can make some art just about anywhere you are. I have a lot of friends who sketch in restaurants...there is always down time between orders and serving.  This is in a little cafe called "Beef O'Brady's" near our park in Florida and we are on our way to see the movie Life of Pi. 

I slipped a couple pencils (one a sketch-and-wash pencil by General) and a water-filled brush (Japanese...I can't remember the brand right now.) I love those water soluble pencils as you can then blend them with a brush after you sketch.  The dark background was an Ebony pencil.  

Incidentally, the movie was wonderful.  I highly recommend it.  The visual effects were astounding!  (It is 3D as well) and the original book's message came through clearly.  I hadn't read the book for over 25 years but it all just came back so vividly.  

If you have time stay for the credits.  Seriously.  Over 14,000 people had something to do with the making of the film! Although they don't name everyone,  it appears to have been a Canadian-Indian joint venture but it looked like a United Nations joint effort.  Quite thrilling and I hope they put out a DVD and add some information about how the film was made.  I fell for it immediately and just found the ocean scenes to be ethereal.  

Beautiful day in central FL again and I hope to make two pieces of art today and get ahead!  Hahaha...I say that every day.  I am now in the Diva's Challenge for doing a Zentangle a week.  In that challenge, however, you must use her suggestion. But you only have to post once.  

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