Thursday, January 8, 2015

Diva Challenge: Hitched

Yesterday a group of Tangle A Day friends dropped by and we did some of "tangles" together.  I taught them Zander which is an old favorite. We played with In a Pod and Ciceron and we had fun with a little Printemps snuck in there.  I also found Orbs-la-Dee (thanks to Ann finding the name for me) and played a little with it.  Later I added some "sparkle" to Ciceron by darkening some of the rings.  I liked that effect.  

After the group left I added some Spoon Flowers and Onion Drops and Yuma to fill in places.  Wow…I am all done up through tomorrow!  

(I had already put "Hitched" in for the Diva Challenge before they came!).  

We are having a bit of the cold north slip down to us in Central Florida this morning.  BRRRR.  It is only 38 here this morning…and windy so there must be a wind chill.  Wind chill is not something Floridians talk about!  We will be back up close to 80 for a high by Monday but it'll be a chilly week as it gradually begins to edge it way back to normal.  I know there is no sense whining to northern friends as I can SEE what their temps are this morning!  OMGosh.

Stay warm guys.



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