Saturday, January 24, 2015


Pre-strung Zendala #4

This is a pre-strung Zendala purchased from
It comes blank with just the faintest of lines in pale gray that you can use as "strings" to guide you.  
It is about the size of a standard CD or DVD.
Beautiful paper of course. I think there are 9 different designs.

I started this one with my Zendala class last Tuesday.
I pretty much ignored the pre-strung center to do my "own thing" there.  Demonstrating that every pre-strung can be done dozens of ways.  This one is black, white and gray.  

The class also worked on larger Zendalas from their own cut-out snowflakes (which I already posted).  One of the gals has finished hers!  These are quite a bit larger.  

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