Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My first Zendala Class

Pre-strung Zendala tile #4

On Tuesday morning I had 8 students in my Zendala class.  
I told them all they were "guinea pigs" as it was my first Zendala class.  I decided on two methods.  One we used a pre strung from for a small one and we used the snowflake method to create our own stencil for a larger one.

I learned a lot about sequencing the class, timing different parts and using demos.  

I find (and still find) the demo for Zendala using a chart board challenging.  (I don't have a document camera).  My hubby suggested a good idea when I talked it through with him later.

Draw each section (in #4 they are almost all triangles) putting one shape per page ( or maybe two).  Don't try to replicate the actual pattern as it is too confusing and time consuming.  Just identify the shape you are working on and do one at a time.  

Second, have student's number the strings (or use letters) with a pencil lightly so they can see how the symmetry will work out and not get confused by alternating patterns.  Such as A-B, A-B and the like so they know how to continue on successfully.  It's SO easy to get lost in the pattern and put the wrong one in.  

I think it's good not to use too many colors for the first ones.

Teach the snowflake cutting slowly.  Many of us have forgotten how to fold them.  Don't assume they know how. 

My friend Cynthia made 4 folding snowflake patterns and put the numbers on them for me.  I will keep those to use next time.  (Thanks Cynthia) and she sent me a cool website for that too
which not only shows the folding but some great patterns to trace onto the flake before cutting.  

Then I went ahead to show them how you can re-do the traced stencil and use that same pattern over and over again multiple times from one snowflake!  

I brought two new tangles to teach.  
I think I should bring at least 4.  
One of the tangles was Aquafleur which everyone liked!  
And I reviewed Paradox.
It was new for a few people.  
All in all it was fun.  

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