Thursday, January 8, 2015

We do not remember days…..

5 x 8" journal page

This is the inside cover for a second journal (a non-challenge journal) called "Make a Wish".  I am not sure it will have a real "theme" to it yet but it started out with my real emotional reservations about 2015.
If you remember my "sweater unraveling" story (see a former post).  

This is actually a "front cover" of the journal just inside the real cover…I like the quote "We don't remember days…we remember moments."  It sort of fits with the "time" theme.  I found out a lot of interesting art things on this page like "white out" makes interesting marks BUT it's not really very good for writing words.  

And I had a chance to try out Dylusions Ink Spray.  This one is "black marble" which I used to spray over a stencil. I love that. The stencil was laid on a collage of interesting hand painted paper and some bits of a print of a painting by my wonderful oil painter friend Durinda (from GA) who sent me a 2014 calendar and I am now using bits and pieces of her paintings in collages.  The flowers were from her painting of Monet's garden. It seemed like such a wonderful moment from her.  Wonderful moments would be a GREAT theme, wouldn't it?  

Also bits of my hand-painted Washi tape but I wish I hadn't used that.  I will have to find a way to soften the edges on that.  

Then spent the rest of the day installing a new HP printer as my old 7 year old one had the gall to quit on me.  Just like a new computer, these new printers are sure full of gadgets and stuff.  Little computer screens on them and buttons to push and etc.  But I am happy the scanner and copier seem to be working that that's important.  It was on sale and Office Depot was willing to take back the unopened printer ink for the old printer and put the $ toward the new one!  A good deal all around!  

Tomorrow will be spend getting reading for my Saturday class at DK Art Supply store on Saturday. I haven't done a beginner class for a few months and I need to get up to speed again!  

The bitter weather is sliding away from FL now and we are headed for warmer days again.  78 by Monday which is more normal for us.  Stay warm up there in the northland everyone.  

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