Saturday, January 10, 2015

Life is largely a matter of expectation.

Journal Prompt #2 - 5 x 8

"Life is largely a matter of expectation."

When the prompts are posted in my Facebook journalling group they are 3 pages long!  So it's sort of hard to summarize what the prompt for this was.
Suffice to say we were asked to find a quote that touched us and somewhat followed the theme of the word we had chosen the week before (my word was "attentiveness".

Then we were to find and paint or construct an interesting background (mine was watercolor on white gesso with plastic wrap crinkled up on it and left to dry.).  We were to find some interesting "letters" to insert in any way we chose and then to put a border on in some fashion (I chose around the whole page but that was by choice.)

I also chose to soften the edges of the page with a mix of white gouache.  The coupon is just a small "hint" that follows the idea of the quote. 

I used "Fandangle" for my Zentangle® border
The journal took about 3-4 sittings…layering paint and adding words and then tangling.  I'll spray it with clear acrylic when I am sure it's done because some elements on it are water soluble.  

Folks on the Facebook journal prompt page are now being asked to sign up to create the prompts themselves beginning in February and running through 2015.  My sign up was not until next November!  I should be an old pro by then.  

I am actually keeping two journals.  One for the prompts which come every Wed.  One for my own prompts…as I feel I need to capture things on my own and want to keep them separate from the other journal.     

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