Monday, January 26, 2015

Zendalas continued….

12 x 12 Framed Zendala by Linda Craig

17" diameter on WC paper

The first Zendala (in the frame) is by one of my Zendala class students, Linda Craig,  who went ahead an finished her "snowflake" piece on her own and sent me a photo!  I think it's just gorgeous and am hoping she will show it in the local art show!

In that lesson I had students cut their own snowflake and then design a Zendala from it by tracing it and rearranging it themselves.  I think she got it!  Wow.  Don't you love the jewelry like additions on the outside edges?  It has a ethereal and fragile look about it.  It's amazing how much "personality" Zendalas have.  

The second Zendala (unfinished) is my demo on how to create a Zendala fairly free hand.  I took Helen Williams recent Sunflower Zendala she just posted and used it as a starting point. 

I used a compass to make the center and outside circles and then just divided it up with a ruler into sections.  I found that as the circle of petals widened I changed the patterns from ABAB to AAABAAAB and then on the outside edge to ABCD,ABCD. 

I am teaching my students to mark the patterns that way (or with numbers) in pencil so they can feel comfortable getting that "zen" feeling as they go around and not worrying about misplacing a pattern which is disappointing.  I tend to work mostly in black, white and gray but I have done one in colored metallic pens that was fun too.  Color adds another layer of concentration.  

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