Thursday, January 22, 2015

Journal Prompt #4

Light molding paste for swirls colored with pan pastels.
Window is actually cut out.  Metallic pens for tangles.

When the paper door is open:  Hand painted washi tape, watercolor, colored pencils, graphite and ink
This journal page got a little…."crafty" for me.  But it was okay and fun to do.  I enjoyed putting together a variety of media and experimenting with having something "open" on the page.  I liked using a "see-through" element which I would do again although it might be fun to have the see-through actually look through to another page.  You would really have to "plan ahead" on that one! I had already journaled on the back of this page so I couldn't do that.  

The prompt (see below) actually included sharing a recipe for a comfort food somewhere on it.  And this is my grandkid's favorite dessert at the summer cabin.  I love it as it is a make-ahead.  

Our prompt this week mostly had to do with picking which of the many facets of journaling seems "the most scary" to you.  Is it color, is it collage, is in composition, is it the writing, the script, etc?  I think actually beginning to write my own thoughts and words on a page is intimidating to me.  I consider myself a "writer of sorts" so really making words is fine.  But pulling together a thought that is cohesive and being brave enough to actually write on the page somehow eludes me.  

The prompt writer herself is sharing her process on Facebook and she notes that the words themselves don't even have to be readable.  I mean that is one way to do it.  She is just using "script" and then glazing over it with colors and gesso.  The script shows but it's not really readable…it's more an art form when she gets done. 

My next journal is going to be a bigger size page…I can see that now.  I had decided on "not too much commitment" to this project and I thought smaller would work better.  But it's actually more challenging.  I mean what you see is only 5" x 8".  

On another note I spent a happy hour in Michael's arts and crafts yesterday spending my Christmas gift card from one of my daughters.  OH what fun.
I'll share more of what I picked another time.  AND I discovered an app on my iPad that pulls up the 40% off coupon so the gal at the checkout just reaches over and scans my iPad.  How cool is THAT.  Saved me $5!  

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