Thursday, January 8, 2015

Zentangle "Tile Hugger" booklets are TOO CUTE!

These adorable Zentangle "holders" are just THE most delightful little booklets.  AND they are for sale.  
The gorgeous handmade booklets are approximately 4.5" square covered in beautiful handmade papers. They have a grommeted elastic strap that holds them closed.  They hold 10 classic 3.5" Zentangle tiles in hand-folded envelope pages.  (You could also put Bejou in them too, of course.)

The books make adorable gifts or thank you hostess gifts.  They fit in your purse or bag and make terrific display for your CZT teaching too.  

The books are made by Lauryn Eldon from MA and she charges $15 for them with $3 shipping and handling.  
You can contact Lauryn by emailing her at with the subject: "Zentangle booklet".  She'll give you the information about which colors are available, where and how to send checks or money orders and you can give her the shipping information, etc.
Right now she is taking on US orders and only in the 48 states.  

Lauryn shared one of her books with me because she enjoys my blog and wanted me to have one and I just totally fell in love with it!  I call mine a "Tile Hugger" but that is just MY name for it.  I think she said she has about 6 left for sale but will make more as orders come in and you can then suggest the color theme you like best.  Enjoy!

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