Saturday, January 10, 2015

Zentangle Calendar for January 10 2015

I am going to have to post the name of this tangle later as I have totally forgotten it.  I put the step outs down and forgot to attach the name!!!  If anyone remembers could you comment the name?  

Had a great group of 11 students in my beginner Zentangle class this morning out at DK's art supply.
Very fun day. Thanks Eileen, Jack, Ester, Teddi, Mary Carol, Margaret, Robyn, Sarah, Mary Ann, Sandy and Mary.  (THREE Mary's…amazing.)

I forgot to take photos of the group (again) as I get totally "into" the class and hate to stop momentum.
It was my first time in that classroom and I found it comfortable, well-lit, and quiet…all necessary for Zentangle.  

I got booked to teach another beginner class in February and a Part II class in March at DKs.  (see dates on sidebar).  

Sunny day here in FL and my new iridescent pan pastels arrived in the mail.  Oh yummy. 

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  1. Posted on your Facebook feed earlier today - Got it!!!! It's taken a while to find it and drove me nuts along the way. But, it's in Pattern Play, Page 62, and called Seton. My husband thinks I have bought more books as they are spread all over the table. Trying to convince him they are not new!



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