Saturday, January 31, 2015

Looking ahead to February….

Sutygal has a ton of possibilities.  I like to end a month with a tangle that says…"hey…possibility lies ahead, girl!"  

One thing that lies ahead is cataract surgery for me.  Not something I would have chosen BUT I will be so happy to have clear vision ahead.  (Dates March 18 and April 1).  The Feb month is full for the surgeons so I have to wait a bit.  You will surely all understand with the detail work I like to do that seeing clearly is all important.  

Gorgeous sunshine in central FL today…cool, but not too bad with the sunshine and tomorrow up to 75.  Which with the FL sun feels like 80.  Nice.  Maybe a trip to the pool!!!

Hope everything enjoys the Super Bowl…our Packer did not make it so it's not going to be all that exciting for us personally.  But I enjoy the commercials!  Hahaha.  And we enjoy our friends company.  So it'll be a pleasant evening.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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