Monday, June 15, 2015

A quiet visitor in the woods...

Still can't get enough of Narwol.  
Like a big pile of whipped cream?
Squishy like clay?
It defies definition, right?
Anyway…it has the creative possibilities this tangle are endless which makes it a great tangle in my book.
And it is organic which makes it such a nice contrast to gridded tangles.

POURING rain on Monday morning.  Oh my.  
The lake surface looks like popcorn when it rains this hard.  I am wondering how that looks from a fish's point of view.  Must be amazing looking up!  

It's lightens up and then darkens and starts all over.
ARRRGH.  What are the odds we could have two sunny days in a row up here????

Last night while Greg and I were in our hobby rooms with picture windows facing the lake we had a visitor.  Just at dusk as the sun was setting behind the silhouetted trees, a young buck with 3" of new fuzzy horns stopped and stood 3 feet from our windows.  First he looked at Greg and then me and then Greg and then me.  No fear, just plain curiosity.  WHAT are these guys doing?  This went on for up 3-4 minutes.
He was just beautiful.  Then, thinking humans are nutty, he walked quietly away and disappeared into the now darkened forest. 

A magical moment.

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