Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New tangle: ALL Boxed Up

All Boxed Up/Zander  3.5" tile 

Cardboard Folder Opened: 9 x 12 Gelli Printed
I am definitely crazy for the new tangle "All Boxed Up" and it has several wonderful variations!  GREAT tangle.  Will become a "mac and cheese" tangle for me for sure.  

I am posting my latest "example" of one of the ways to use the Gelli print plate in preparation for teaching my class in August.  I recycled a folder (you know that you get from various vendors with pockets inside?).  I needed something to keep my art league newsletters and other printed art info in for this summer.  Voila.

This is a sample of a 3-layer masked print.  It is SO fast to do as the acrylic is so fast drying.  I did finish coat the painting with one coat of gloss acrylic varnish brushed on to seal it and give it a nice glossy finish. It also brightens up the colors.  Fun.

Weather is getting slightly warmer in the north woods of WI.  After hail and 3 nights of freeze/frost warnings we are now supposed to get to 70 and sunny today.  That is more like it.  Of course now we have 3 days of rain following that!  BUT at least temps are more in the normal range!   


  1. Very nice shading and and an interesting composition. Nice tile!

  2. You're All Boxed Up composition is really nice and well integrated. I don't really understand the Gelli Print Plate, but that's ok. Baby steps. :-)

  3. Love your Diva tile: nice composition!

  4. I like your tile!!! Here in the Netherlands is quite cold too and we had a lot of rain and wind. They say it will be 20 C tomorrow and 28 on Friday, then back to 15 on Sunday :-(

  5. This is a super tile, I like the way the corner seems folded before the All Boxed Up section.

  6. Lovely challenge tile! I like your variation of Zander!