Thursday, June 25, 2015

Frost Flowers tangle is a hit

With all the rain here in the north woods of Wisconsin, there is NO excuse for not keeping up with my tangle-a-day calendar!  

The new tangle "Frost Flower" is interesting and fun.  I put it in my "mac n cheese" tangle book…it is easy and I love the little sparkles in it.  It has the look and feel of a "real" Zentangle as it is simple and has lot of variations.

I think beginners would enjoy it.  I wonder how it would look on a renaissance tile?  I am sure it would be dynamic on a black tile!  

Our en plein air group has now cancelled out 4 Thursdays in a row up here.  Will the rain never end?  Our big storm last Monday night brought a lightning strike 500 feet from our cabin hitting a tree and exploding it!  The lightning exited from the base of the tree exploding the root exposed above the ground.  The sound was deafening and scared the whole neighborhood! 

Living in a forest, one wonders how the electricity gets attracted to one object over another.  Seems like all the trees are about the same height.  No damage to any homes or people so that was good.  The midwest had a lot of damage in Illinois!  Scary.  

When the sun DOES shine we all run outside immediately and jump up and down!  With the 4th of July ahead we are so praying for some good  weather.  I'll have 10 guests that weekend!  PLEEZE!  They all want to boat, swim and fish.  

Thank heavens for my cozy studio on these dark dark days!

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