Friday, June 19, 2015

Final Collage composition

"Wabi-Sabi Boro"
11 x 14

Close up of detail in Boro

So if you care to scroll down and find the first post on this collage you may be able to see the changes I made in it.  There has been some collage add and some "tweaks" in the center of interest including just a touch of orange-red spatter and some tiny gold beads.    

I always love a surprise at the center of interest when I am looking at non-objective paintings.  I am striving for that.  

The issue of the composition is what newbies like me struggle with.  When I took the Gerald Brommer workshop last April I was delighted to find that this was exactly what he wanted to teach me.  I kept all his handouts and my struggles toward that goal.  

I think I need to let this piece go now and start on another one.  Practice is what I need!  (Boro, you may remember) is a Japanese term for a patchwork quilt made of worn cloth.  Wabi-sabi is the elegance of imperfection.  

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