Monday, June 1, 2015

Noodler's Ink

Contour Ink Drawing/wc sketch 5 x 8

One minute I am not around and then I post 3 times in a day.  Sigh.  Feast or famine, that is me.

Okay I finally received my Noodler's Ink and Lamy fountain pen.  Something that has been on my "I-sure-would-like-it" list for a long time.

Not exactly cheap. Either one of them.  
And I had to buy an ink refill adapter if I was going to use ink other than cartridges.  It's fun to be using a "fountain pen" again after all these years.  

I have been away from my contour sketching for a long time (and it shows).  You do lose the muscle tone for it and the eye for it if you don't do it regularly!  

I wanted to show Cynthia that I keep some of my odds and ends in an old dishwasher basket I picked up at a garage sale.  It does not work real well for brushes.  I was disappointed about that.  But for other odds and ends like the milkshake straws that I wind my hand-painted washi tape on, pens, toothbrushes, and etc.  That funny pointy tool with the wood handle I picked up in clock shop repair shop for 25 cents.  I thought it would be great for embossing things like styrofoam.  Yet to be tried.  

Incidentally…the sun is warming things up to a toasty 70 degrees here in the north woods this afternoon!  Despite the pounding hail from last Wed, the wild strawberries are making a come back and my impatiens flowers are rebounding.  Greg brought a tiny green inch worm in for lunch on his shoulder and he inches all around our lunch plates until a took him outside again.  So cute.  

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