Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Making the tangles on this was totally fun.  It was done on copy paper and not tag board.  I am not comfortable putting anything through my inkjet here at the cabin except paper.  After I was done I did make the ink permanent by using my Gelli plate and gloss acrylic medium. More on that another time.
When dry I carefully cut it out.

Now who out there can tell me HOW you manage to glue the LAST triangle in place.  Everything goes fine until then!  Am I doing something wrong? I mean it's totally impossible as you cannot "press" anything together at that last point!  I did see that glueing half of it and letting it dry and then gluing the second half had it's merits.  But that did not solve the last triangle problem.  Help.

The idea of these 20 sided little guys is to demonstrate how you can have fun just tossing them up and letting the pattern you will use next appear on the top (like a die) and then no real planning involved.  I think this is nice for beginners.  

I put a small # on each triangle so there is a "key" with names of the tangles.  

Okay, it's "tea time" here and time for a cup of hot cider or some wine and then a few more things to get done before supper.  It stays light here now to almost 9 pm.  


  1. How about double-sided sticky tape? You find the most fun things to do?

  2. place a slot on the folded edge on the last triangle next to the flap not too big just big enough to slide a flat nailfile in thru the slot to hold the flap up to adhere the last flap then apply a small bead of glue to the slot and hey presto its closed. Have done this many times with my own Icosahedron's