Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gelli Printing on self stick labels

Okay…so the top photo is me gelli printing on Avery self-stick labels.  You can choose any size.  Gelli arts recommends round ones, but darn they are quite expensive.  So I chose large rectangles.  I think they are just as much fun and you get a lot more of them on a page.  More for your $ is good.  Nothing special about the way you do the printing…except you need to plan for smaller details so you are not left with large sections of paint with no design.  You will see that on the orange/red one I went back with some stamps and some mark-making to fill in some larger area.  When you peel them you get "mini-masterpieces" for stationary, envelopes, name tags, gift cards, place cards, or anyplace you want!

My Tangle A Day calendar for June 7 and 8 got sort of "steam punk" again.  I added some cast shadows just to jazz it up a little.  Fun.

Hubby and I are off to go fishing now.
It's "brisk" on the lake at 68 this morning but I will wear a wind breaker and hope the sun in warm out there!  It is free fishing weekend in WI…you can fish without a license!  Yippee.  We are out of state now so those licenses are expensive.  This will probably be "it" for me this season.  Wish me luck.  

(I'll take my sketch book in case no one is biting.)

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