Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gelli Print Journal

I thought I'd tidy this journal up a little…I've been keeping it for years.  No chronological order but it is just stickers, tickets, stubs, or programs from events we've attended, movies we saw, or trips.  Not everything, of course, but ones we though especially different and interesting.  The pages are back to back Gelli prints on copy paper and the cover is just a file folder that I Gelli printed.  

I did "sew" the thing together today just so I can show it off at my art groups in July without too much embarrassment.  It's just very "relaxed".  But it is a fun record to look through.  And gives another idea of how to use the Gelli prints in a creative way! 

I still have a lot of room to add things.
You'll note in the first photo the Blue Canvas Band ticket we attended at Dillman's Resort last Sunday night.  Totally fun.

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