Saturday, June 27, 2015

Zentangle and Wonderful Weather

Well, trying to keep up with the tangle a day calendar…
Am enjoying trying out some new tangles like "Frost Flower" which I think is "swell".  Love that word.

We are having two perfect north woods day in a row.  Even though we are not getting to 80 either day…it is upper 70s and no wind and lots of sunshine.  THAT is so much better.  Whew.  Maybe I can stop the weather whining for a few days?

Greg and I went out to garage sales ALL morning on Friday and came home with a ton of stuff.  Some of which was actually on our list.  Hahaha.  Lots of wonderful "finds".  Laugh…we usually stop for lunch somewhere or pack a lunch but lo and behold we stopped our local bank to cash a few checks and they were having "beach party" day.  At the bank???  Yup.  A full blown pot luck for their customers!  Meatballs, sandwiches, salads, desserts, lemonade and tables set up in the lobby.  Only in the north woods would you have lunch at the bank.  For free.  How we chuckled.

And that worked slick cause we had a fish fry planned that night with friends and didn't want a big lunch!  So we didn't get home until almost 4 pm!  Met lots of fun and interesting people too.  

Today is dawning sunny and the lake is like glass.  
Humming birds at the feeders.
Wild daisies blooming.
Not a complaint here!  
I'm preparing for the week of company ahead.  Folks arrive tomorrow afternoon and we'll have folks for a week.  It'll be so fun.
Less art work this week…but maybe I'll get the grandkids to do an artsy afternoon and post some of their work.

Have a good weekend.

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