Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Merit Award

Greg and I were finally able to get over to Howard Young to see the Art in the Garden Exhibit this afternoon.  What a wonderful display.  Much enjoyed.  

Here is my "merit award" piece.  
Now I need to get my application for the Manito Arts Show in the mailbox by tomorrow.  

We made it through the midwest and northern WI storms of yesterday.  Lots of wind and driving rain and some lightening strikes that were "close to home".  But we were lucky and no damage and our power did not go out.  

Lots of folks south of us had a much rougher time.
Cleared off and was pleasant today…about 73 in town (about 68 here at the lake).  Tomorrow we will have rain again by afternoon.  Sigh.  We have not had one 80 degree day in June up here yet.  

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