Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Baby Pineapple Reappears

You remember that little pineapple that we had to harvest early because of the freeze? Well after I photoed it and painted it into my journal and we ate it, I couldn't seem to let him go. I emailed Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson and asked her if she thought it might be a suitable subject for a Paper Painting? She said "go for it". It turns out she's done a pineapple herself!!! Something about that texture is so intriguing.

The way I am approaching these paper paintings is to paint my own papers (as Elizabeth suggests) but I do it one project at a time. Since this is not my main choice of mediums, it makes no sense to paint dozens and dozens of papers that might not get used. So, I use much smaller pieces of rice papers and etc and I carefully select the palette of colors I'll need and then I acrylic only those colors. I always have some left over, of course, and they go into the general pile for another project. The painted papers dry almost instantly.

This time when I painted my acrylic "pattern" for the paper painting, I decided not to plan a busy background. But then I decided to use a previously painted acrylic canvas board. It was mostly green anyway and had some texture so I went ahead an painted the greens over all the background. So it turned out a little busier than I intended.

So now I've started working on the light side of the pineapple and working my way around toward the dark side. I am using acrylic gel gloss for the glue. Elizabeth suggests working upright on an easel for this project. I like doing it that way too. I'll keep you posted on this project.


  1. This is virgin territory for me so I am watching what you do and how it progresses very carefully. Very interesting!

  2. its looking good and I LOVE the recipe in there. nice!

  3. It IS looking good and I love the colors you got painting your papers!