Saturday, January 30, 2010

Framing AGAIN for exhibitions

Framing.....never my favorite art chore. If I was rich and famous I'd hand them off for someone else to frame!!! Most of these paintings you have probably seen unframed in some blog before. But it's always nice to see how they look in a frame too.

I am preparing for February as "Artist of the Month" in the Hawthorne Park Library. I'll be interviewed on closed circuit TV this Friday morning about them!

The first painting is an en plein air watercolor on YES canvas board (11 x 14) sprayed with an acrylic varnish and without glass. It is the 2009 "Spring Winter Garden Plant and Garden Show" (which is coming again on April 10/11). You can see more about it under events at the right.

The second painting is a watercolor on Yupo. Framed to 16 x 20. It is called "Webster Flea Market" (where I took the reference photo). It is under glass (sorry about reflection.)

The third is called "Welcome Pineapple", a paper painting (collage) in paper and acrylic. 11 x 14 on YES canvas board. Glazed with varnish and gloss and without glass.

There will be 4 other paintings which are currently stacked on the kitchen table awaiting their wires. My hubby is always helpful coming in to pre-drill the holes for me.

There are lots of spring shows coming up and I have to be read early because we just bought a new house and we'll be closing March 19 and moving about 3 blocks away (in the same park). But you all know moving is hectic!!!


  1. Congratulations on your shows! And on getting all that framing done. I don't know anything about framing with wooden frames. I've done a lot of matting and framing with aluminum frame kits for watercolors, and there's way too much measuring and math for my taste and it's so expensive and time-consuming. But well worth it in the end.

  2. Congrats on the new house! And good luck with the shows.