Friday, January 8, 2010

Whisking along.....just a little pun

Well, adding the wire whisk to the still life won the vote 8 to 1.

So this morning I added it in.
The previous version is below.

It's a subtle change in the painting. My hubby thinks it helps push the words into the background it a little more depth. I feel better with 3 things in the container. Just click on the image for it to enlarge slightly.

16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas. I think I'll paint the edges just in case I want to hang it frameless.

Rainy and cold here in FL this Friday afternoon.
Perfect day in the studio. Now back to that collage of the bears to see if I can follow Elizabeth's critique and get it more finished.


  1. Good call on adding the wire whisk - your husband is right, it helps push the words back that were so strong. Great colors, warm and bright, looking forward to seeing more and to see your finish of the teddycollage :)

  2. I agree with Greg and Rhonda!! Looks good.

  3. Yes, I think all of you had good advice...I am pleased with the end result!!!
    Off to work on the collage! Then I want to do a pour piece ala Deb. HOW long have I been waiting to do that!! I did decide to stretch two pieces of Arches 140 for this project. That is all ready.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot...the only do-over I would do if I had the ambition to do so, would be to change all the words to have something to do with pie, cinnamon, turnover, crisp, etc. But I am not going back with that now.