Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I think portraits are HARD!

This is my second portrait class. The first class was where I was painting that generic child that no one knew. (In a previous post.) This time I picked one of my nine grandsons to practice on.

The eyes are SO hard to paint! But I plan on hanging in here a little longer. I don't think portraits are my thing but it is fun to try. Some people in the class are so good that it is intimidating!

It got to 56 today in FL. Wow a heat wave. The sunshine felt warm but the wind is still biting. We are all winter-weary here.


  1. Well Ginny, we have to start somewhere in order to learn - good for you! Eventually (hopefully before 12/31/10) I'll start trying portraits!

  2. Yes, starting and learning is a life-long thing with portraits and figures. You are doing what we all do: you are straightening the face although it is tilted in the photo. If you place a ruler from eye to eye, look at the slant of that line...you have your line straightened. It may help to try it upside down for a while - that works for me when I can't "see" it correctly - and one of the pluses of working from a photo. You're doing a good job on this so don't give up - just look carefully and slowly and make small changes at a time.

  3. Well, of course, now that I look at him, he is tilted. How did I do that? I would like to start all over on this one and try again using your suggestions. I painted this "in a class" and that is not always the most ideal situation for me. Painting is a solitary venture for me and I do better by myself in my studio. Upside down? Wow, that would be interesting to try. I have done some still-lifes upside down. But I never thought of doing a portrait that way. Thanks for encouragement and ideas.