Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pineapples as a "Welcome" symbol

To the Carib, the pineapple symbolized hospitality, and the Spaniards soon learned they were welcome if a pineapple was placed by the entrance to a village. This symbolism spread to Europe, then to Colonial North America, where it became the custom to carve the shape of a pineapple into the columns at the entrance of a plantation.

Seafaring captains used to impale fresh pineapples--souvenirs of their lengthy travels to tropical ports--atop the porch railings of their homes when they returned. It was a symbol then that the man of the house was home--albeit briefly--and receiving visitors.

I worked a few hours before I went to bed last night on my "welcome pineapple". He's coming along. Now I need to sit and look awhile. One idea I had was to make him much larger and have him come down and touch the bottom of the painting. What do you think? Maybe not. Another idea was to create an interesting border around the outside of the painting at the edge reflecting some of the colors in the pineapple itself.

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  1. Ginny, thank you for providing such interesting information about the symbolism of the pineapple. You have achieved great textures in this painting.It's beautiful!