Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yupo...just for the fun of it!

I took the reference photo yesterday at the local flea market. Then decided to try it on Yupo paper.I want to have some Yupo examples for when I start teaching next month.

I wanted to keep to shapes, shapes, shapes. I think I still need to work some on values. I need a few really really darks. I also think it may still be a bit "busy". The neat thing on Yupo is that you can make those changes quite easily.

I think your eye goes to the Taco sign first and I want to thread your eye down to the umbrella and through the painting. It is a warmer painting and mostly I want to entertain the eye with interesting textures and shapes. I am sure you can see how much I am influenced by George James. Some shapes were scraped out with a credit card. Some were lifted with stencils. I am nuts about umbrellas.

This piece is about 12 x 15 on translucent Yupo.


  1. Ginny, good work. You know what it needs (values placed to lead our eyes around) and how to get there...will look for this one in a revised edition soon. I like it and know just a few things will tweak it just right. Not sure I'd leave the TACO sign as pure as it is right now...unless you want it to be about the sign.

  2. Hi Rhonda...I LOVE when you critique because you always have excellent eyes.!! I am not sure but I do think this painting IS about the Taco sign. I ADORE that sign! Seriously! Lately I have had several paintings that have words or are about words. I am on a theme here.

    But the tweaking (in Yupo) is so much fun. I will soon post that other Yupo I started aways back with the two wicker chairs and all the BIG tweaks on that. I may have "over-tweaked"? Hahahaha.