Friday, January 1, 2010

Collage Continues

If you look closely...the green background and the yellow bear's head are collaged. Or at least started.

You can still see most of the original background painting. Elizabeth suggests a simple acrylic painting for a background reference.

In the photo reference the chair was very busy. But I decided to leave it white for now and maybe have some fun with some interesting papers there. I love how Elizabeth finds bits that have something to do with the central idea of the painting. So I am thinking "bears", "toys", ? Hmmmm...what else?

This may be a little too complicated drawing for a first attempt...but the nice thing is that you can simplify as you proceed. I may decide to do some simple stripes on the pillow instead of trying to infer florals. But I could also have some fun with a variety of papers back there to infer a pattern.

How do collage artists ever keep track of all their papers and stuff? Good heavens...I have paper bits now flying all over the studio! I have designated one big drawer in an old dresser for my collage stuff. And tried to do some sorting in zip lock bags.

This painting is 11 x 14 on YES canvas board. The next step now is to go back and view Elizabeth's DVD again. Once you have started you find out things, of course. You hear your inner voice says, "Now what did she say?" It's raining here in Central Florida on NY a perfect time to watch a video!

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