Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking for an "interesting place to stop"

Remember what Judi Betts says? "A painting is never finished. You just need to find an interesting place to stop." Hmmmmmmm.

This is just a "demo" painting where I am trying to show my future students some of the possible techniques they can use on Yupo paper...that synthetic Japanese paper that is just so tantalizing and strange.

I am finding it hard to stop! Hahahaha. My major problem in Yupo is always "darks". You can always add them, thank heavens. Same problem in my Taco painting from yesterday!

I think I need to tone down the whites in the chairs in places to give them a little more depth. I am not so sure about the sort of "organic" feel I added under the chairs. My thinking was to "infer" that they were outdoors near grass. But I am not sure I am liking that.

They are "floating" which may or may not be what I want. I think having the class watch me tinker with this one will be fun. I don't have a lot of time invested in it so anything goes on it. I love the funky organic blobs on the right but I am not sure they really add much to the painting. They may be cut way back or perhaps they need repeating somewhere else?

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