Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Banner Made the Front Page

Thanks to my friend, Cheryl Jacobs, who spotted this on the front page of the Leesburg Florida Commercial Newspaper today! The banner I painted in November was one of those featured! I was really proud!

The banners will hang in Mt. Dora to celebrate the town's Centennial Celebration until mid-March and then they will be auctioned off for money to help fund the centennial celebration itself!! I am anxious to get over to town (next week) to see some of the other banners. There are really a lot of beautiful ones!!!


  1. Very cool! It's always good to get recognition.

  2. Congratulations. The poster is beautifully done and very eye-catching!

  3. Thanks so much. We will be in Mt. Dora today (Wednesday) and we are going to try to FIND the actual spot where they have hung it!!! Needle in a haystack? Hahahaha. If I find it I want a photo of me under it!!!