Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've Been Framed

This is a very inexpensive wood frame I must have picked up at Michaels one day a few years ago. (WalMart might have them in craft section too?)
About 5 x 7". Just a small frame. Obviously any size will work but there is the time factor. Your decision on that!

I sealed them and sanded them lightly. Then two coats of white acrylic paint and let dry a few days to make sure they were perfectly dry (it's VERY wet and humid in the north woods of Wisconsin right now!).

I did this with ultra fine Sharpie pen and graphite pencil. Then when I was sure I was done, I spray lightly with acrylic mat clear spray to make the graphite shading permanent.

There must be hundreds of ideas of how to tangle a frame...I am sure that doing some designs ALL around the edges would be very effective too. And using a light colored background in some other color (yellow, etc) would work fine too. Or using colored sharpie pens might be fun too. I would think this black and white frame would set off a black and white photo or drawing nicely.

I am going to be teaching a beginner Zentangle class on Sept 26 so I wanted to have some samples of ways to use this fun art activity.

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