Monday, August 27, 2012

Working without a hoo

These two photos were taken with my iPad, bless it's bulky little soul! Then I email the photos to myself on my desktop! It works for me!

But I fell in the lake on Friday (getting into a canoe) and the camera was in my pocket. Guess what. It does NOT like getting wet. New camera ordered. At least my hearing aides were out and my watch was off!!!!

And I didn't hurt myself (just a small cut on one hand where I grabbed the canoe as I went in (tush first). It could have been rather I am really really grateful.

Anyway this afternoon I put together two more of the "teaching samples" on the larger plastic tiles (5.75") with Sharpie Ultra Fine pen. I admit that I botched up one so badly that I had to re-gesso the surface to try another day.

I know the names of MOST of these patterns although a few I just make up names for if I can't find them. Like in this one...the big funny one across the center I call "Tie-Dye" because when you tie dye fabric you squeeze and bundle it and put rubber bands around it and it reminds me of that.

If you go on the Zentangle® site you will see this one (sort of) in one of Marie's samples right on the front page...I borrowed big time from that one. I just love it for some reason. You are not supposed to have a "right side up" to a Zentangle but this one sure seems to look better the way I have it shown. I also did two cards today...a sympathy card for a friend and then a "love" card for my sister's son and daughter in law that is going into the box with the new baby gift tomorrow.

I need to get back to my watercolors now beginning tomorrow as I want to do another example for the Sept 19 Fractured WC class. We are finally without company now for September! But it will just fly by! I can tell. August is almost over! Boo hoo.

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