Wednesday, April 8, 2015

En Plein Air

3" x 13" WC on Arches cold press

Beautiful day to be outside.
I met with some friends this morning to en plein air paint…we started about 8:30 a.m. in hopes of avoiding the heat of the day.  We are getting close to 90 most afternoons here in central FL now.  

My next door neighbor's hubby is a fantastic gardener and there is so much around you to paint it hard to decide.  Barb Sailor recently did Stargazer lilies and my neighbor's wife, Katie, loves hers so I decided to make them the center of interest in the tiny painting.  I used a little "Opera" to bring out the bright color!  It's not signed yet…a see a few little possible tweaks to it..a little brighter yellow on the one plant in the orange pot.  If you look REALLY close you will see a little ceramic frog sitting among the plants.  

I have a mat and frame the exact size of this painting which is why I chose this size.  

The background is "imagined" as the plants actually ringed their porch.  

Another neighbor dropped by at noon with warm chocolate chip cookies and icey lemonade.  How spoiled are we!!!  There were two other artist painting with me this morning.  We had fun chit chatting as we worked.  One worked in watercolor pens and one in colored pencil.  

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