Thursday, April 23, 2015

Journal Prompt #17: The magic of circles

8 x 5" journal page

It will be fun to see what other artists offer on the topic of "circles".  My first thought went to the labyrinth as a sacred circle.  The 3 shown here are 3 of the most common patterns shaped for walking one.

Remember now…a maze is a puzzle you have to solve.  A labyrinth is a journey to the center and back…always knowing where you are going and giving you time for solving problems and meditating along the way.  You are never lost in a labyrinth and you always return the same way you came…but often a different person.  

Thus the name of my blog was born…a meditative journey toward some center…paying attention all the way and back.  The circle background was prepared on a gesso'd page with acrylic paint using a foam brayer and a stencil (by StencilGirl stencils). After dry I adhered the small samples of labyrinths with gel medium and did the writing with an "identi-pen" black ink.  

You will note that I give a URL link to go on a "virtual labyrinth" at the end of the page.   

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