Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Journal Prompt #15

5 x 8" journal page with booklet closed

Same journal page with booklet open

The prompt for week 15 was really complicated with a lot of different options on how to complete it.  Basically it re-visited our first "word" that we chose at the beginning of the journal in January.  My word was "Attentiveness" and to pick another word from the word list generated by other journal writers to match up to yours.  I picked "mindful".  

Then to take the two words and find tangles that start with the beginning letters (in my case M and A).  I chose Aurukas and Merryweather.  Then tangle a tile with those two.  Finally jot down some feelings about the progress you have or have not made with staying with this first chosen word.  

There's not a lot of room on a 5 x 8 journal page and I am not doing two page spreads too often.  So I decided to add a little "booklet" to give me a little more space.  

Materials used are stencils, acrylic paint and ink, Sharpie paint pens, Micron pen, YES glue, specialty cutting scissors with a ragged edge, darning needle and twine, small metal clasp, die cut letters from the Dollar Store, and a hand made stamp.

I think I am one of the few of the 150 or so journal folks in this prompt group who is actually keeping up with the week by week prompts.  A lot of people are doing really fantastic art work that I love to look at but that takes them weeks behind in the project.  We all have lives…and other art.  It's my take that you can't spend two days on a prompt.  

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