Friday, April 3, 2015

Zentangle calendar in April

Lacee is a brand new tangle and it seems to me to hold many creative possibilities in it.  Crescent Moon is old tangle and this version is based on a Helen Williams tangelation of it.

You'll note on my side bar that my Zentangle and other art classes are all "up north" now for summer.  I am "winding down" here in FL.  April is hot…you have to take it easy…we'll be in the 90's most of next week…everything slows down in pace now.  

Easter Sunday looks lovely in mid-80's and then hot hot hot follows that.  I have set up an en plein air event for the park art group next Wed but we'll have to start early and in the shade. 

My 2nd cataract surgery was last Wed and it went well.  There is always some discomfort and swelling for a few days and a sort of "gritty" feeling like you have something in your eye!  
But I know now that this will only last a short time and get better each day.  One more post op exam on Thursday of next week and then I'll be waiting to the end of the month for my exam for reading glasses.  Like most folks, I'll probably still need glasses for art, reading and computer.  Thank you to all the blogger friends who have been rooting for me and my recovery!

After Easter I look forward to a nice long visit from my sister and brother in law (from SC) and following that a 3-day wc and collage class with Gerald Brommer up in The Villages.  You will hear all about that!!!   

Today I hope to have a little messing around time to work on the Week 14 Journal prompt and I think we'll have lunch out on the adirondack chairs in the yard this noon.  (Me with sun glasses, of course).  

Have a blessed Easter everyone.

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