Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Summer Afternoon

12 x 12 wc and collage on canvas board

The last week or so in the studio is always prolific.
I know I am going to be "on the road" for a month and I usually find all the half done projects and try to get them to some sort of conclusion before I go.  

The canvas on this board was primed with Daniel Smith wc ground…two coats sanded before I started.  I "gridded" this photograph reference in my new app called Jackson's ArtGrid.
The nice thing about that app is it allows you to reset the photo into whatever format (vertical or horizontal) and into whatever size your ground is and then grid it with however many sections you want to use.  I also do not have to print out the photo and waste ink but rather just work right off my iPad which has better color resolution than my inkjet printer does.

I can also turn the photo into black, white and gray.   
I have not signed this yet…am still letting it "rest" in case I want some changes.  The photo reference was from Key West but could be just about anywhere that has a lot of lush florals.

My biggest issue with the painting is that it divides warm and cool almost equally which is a no-no in painting.  But at this point I think changing that would be hard to do. My only other option might be to warm up the portion of the porch which is in the far left corner indicating a possible continuation of the flowers on that side of the porch but hazy and soft.  But I am reluctant to do that at this point.  Live and learn.  Basic rule: establish if the painting is warm or cool.  Sigh.

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